We offer a 15% discount for a second and subsequent weeks except in June, July and August. For lets of more than 3 weeks please email veranaturist@hotmail.co.uk for a special quote. 

JANUARY           £50 per day

FEBRUARY        £50 per day

MARCH              £60 per day

APRIL                 £60 per day

MAY                   £75 per day

JUNE                 £82 per day

JULY                  £82 per day

AUGUST            £82 per day

SEPTEMBER     £82 per day

OCTOBER         £70 per day

NOVEMBER      £60 per day

DECEMBER      £55 per day


This rate is for the apartment and not per person. The apartment has two double bedrooms.


Internet Access

This is free of charge and gives you unlimited access to the internet if you take your own laptop, smart phone or tablet .... regardless of the length of your stay.



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